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 MARRS is the MassArt online platform through which approved* internal** Sponsors can browse for available space, submit and monitor reservation requests, and keep a history of past reservations. MARRS is very user friendly but in case you need a reminder, you'll find basic instructions below as well as links to tutorial videos (soon to come). Make sure to stay informed about the College and Visiting Events new Meeting and Event guidelines and procedures by selecting the following links and viewing the timeline at the bottom of the page. 


*All potential MARRS users/Sponsors must have completed a MARRS training session (hosted by College and Visiting Events)  in order to be granted full access to MARRS. Training sessions are available by appointment; please contact the office of College and Visiting Events at 617-879-7861 to register for a session.

**MassArt Staff, Faculty, and Students. Interested parties external to the MassArt community should contact the office of College and Visiting Events at 617-879-7861.



Now let's begin......


Step 1: Log in with your Network ID and Password (the same ID and Password that you log into your email with). If you have completed MARRS training and this is your first time logging in, you will receive a message that your status is pending. You will be granted access to MARRS within one to two business days.


Step 2: Once you are inside the system, you will see three available tabs – Browse, My Account, and Help (ignore Help tab for now as it includes the default instructions from the software company).Before starting the process of submitting the reservation request  form, you should make sure that there is space available to meet the parameters of your meeting or event.


·         To search for more information on each room, such as max capacity for varying set-ups, click the "Browse" tab and then "Browse Facilities". You can choose to search by room or by room set up.


·         To search for room availability, click on the "Browse" tab and then "Browse for Space" and a grid view of all of the rooms for the current day will appear. To change the date, click on the "Filter" button on   the upper right corner and a pop out window will appear through which you may change the date.


Step 3: Once you have browsed for available space, head over to My Account. This is where you can monitor or modify existing reservation requests, check your history, and make new reservation requests. To start a new reservation request, click on Reservations, then authenticated user. You will be prompted to fill out a number of fields including the date, start and end time of your event (check your AM’s and PM’s), number of attendees, and set up type (all fields in MARRS that have a red asterisk next must be completed in order to move forward). A list and grid view of available rooms will be made available for that day. After selecting the room(s) that you would like by clicking on the white and green plus sign (click on the red x to remove a selection), you may move on to the Details tab to fill out the details of your reservation request. As you input your requests for resources, you will be prompted to include special instructions. The more information one can provide with their reservation request, such as furniture set up instructions or specific assistance required from Technical Support, the more quickly the reservation request may be expedited by the office of College and Visiting Events. Before submitting your reservation request, please be sure to note your required event set up time and break down time (quantified in minutes) in the Sponsor Notes section, along with information regarding the nature of the event or program. If a Sponsor does not include specific set up and break down times, they will receive the default amount of time associated with the requested rooms.


Step 4: Submit Reservation! Please allow 1-2 business days for a confirmation regarding Meeting Requests and Information Table requests and 3 business days for further instructions regarding Events and Complex   Events. 



Questions? Concerns? Please contact the office of College and Visiting Events at 617-879-7861